Tune Into the “Girls”

Mercury Girls

Ariana, 7”Ariana cover

Slumberland Records, 2016

Review by Kent Manthie

Hmm…what a pleasant surprise. A brand new 7” single, on vinyl. I’m talking about a 7” for a new single, entitled “Ariana”, with a B-side, “All That Heaven Allows” by Philadelphia’s Mercury Girls, which, by the way, is not, as one might surmise, an “all-girl group”, although, Sarah Schiminek is a one-woman force, with a great voice. The others in the band consist of Kevin Attics, Andrew Hagiwara, Chris Schackerman, and Kevin O’Halloran. Guitarists, Kevins O’Halloran and Attics display a nice, organic back-and-forth guitar set-up; in other words, it doesn’t seem forced or too “rehearsed”. The opening, eponymous single (“Ariana”) has a divinely lush, beauteous sound to it with a great background: jangly, pop guitars, upbeat bass accompaniment (not “upright”, but “upbeat”!) that melds just great with the drums, to provide a very well thought out and executed rhythm section.

The B-side on this single, “All That Heaven Allows” is another uptempo, danceable pop tune that can really stick in your head for a time after listening to it.

I hope Mercury Girls head back into the studio soon to start a longer process of delivering a full-length album. But, even getting this far has proved to be a stroke of luck for these guys: they’ve only been together, as a band, for about a year, since last spring (of 2015). So, they’re still fresh, new and, I think they have the potential for some good stuff in the months, years ahead.

To find out anything I left out or to get a copy of the single, go to http://www.slumberlandrecords.com/catalog/show/300 that is the website to Slumberland Records, the band’s label. So, while there, don’t shy away from looking at other bands and their albums that are out or coming out soon. Enjoy Ariana, though and keep an eye out for a show they may be doing in your area, which will be mostly along the East Coast for the next two+ months, i.e., Philadelphia and Bethlehem, PA, as well as New York, at a few different venues.  -KM.


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