Telling the Truth

Kwesi Foraes 27 Self-Released, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie Kwesi Foraes, a 23-year-old native of Long Beach, CA just released his debut EP, entitled 27. I was going through some of the new albums I’m currently reviewing and one of the first I noticed was this album. I clicked it open and pushed play. Wow. […]

Multi-Hued, Hypno-Kush

Slow Steve Adventures Morr Music, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie This month (May, ’16) sees the release of the debut LP by Slow Steve, the new incarnation of former Fenster member, Remi Latournelle, who started Slow Steve, basically, another in a series of musical prodigies, Remi is a multi-instrumentalist, who plays everything himself.  As for his […]

Take This: it’ll make you RELAX

Useless Eaters Relaxing Death Castle Face Records, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie Here comes another new gem from Castle Face Records: an album called Relaxing Death from San Francisco’s Useless Eaters. This is another in an (so far, at least) unbroken string of great releases from Castle Face, which seems to have a collective great […]

He Scores Again!!

Clint Mansell High Rise, OST Silva Screen Records, 2016                                                               Well, he’s back. Clint Mansell, that is. For those, not aware of Mr. Mansell, this […]

Twinkle, Sparkle, Little Star

Star Parks Don’t Dwell Paper Bag Records, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie                                                   The debut by Star Parks, Don’t Dwell is the perfect soundtrack for a lovely sunny day, lying in […]