Venus, Sans FursHooded Fang CD pic

Hooded Fang

Venus on EdgeHooded Fang CD pic

DAPS Records, 2016

Review by Kent Manthie

Toronto’s Hooded Fang return with a new album. Venus on Edge is its name. I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to the album. Small confession: this is my introduction to Hooded Fang. So, I can’t put this new album in perspective to their previous releases. From what I’ve read elsewhere, gone are the lush instrumentation and the dreamy harmonizing which was a part of what main songwriter, Daniel Lee, was doing at an earlier point in their career.

The songs are great on here. They have a sound which is hard to pin down. I hear many things as the songs go by. The Damned, Gary Numan, The Fall, Suicide, even a little Devo, just to name a few of the most obvious.

There’s 10 songs on Venus on Edge. Each one is a delightful piece of work. From the opening, “Tunnel Vision” through gems like “Dead Battery”, “Impressions” and “Miscast”, to mention some standouts. Song number nine, “Vacant Light” is another bright, shining example of what they’re capable. The last cut, “Venus”, an almost-five-minute long closer, which is like saving the best for last. I was really quite taken with “Venus”. Well, I was “taken” with the whole album. Everything on Venus on Edge is new and shiny as well as loud, edgy – to a point (haha, NPI)- a great reason to give three cheers for indie music; indeed, a great act, no matter into what “box” one may put it.

So why is it that Hooded Fang are not, like, superfamous? Well, you know that old saying about “beware what you wish for!” – I think these guys are terrific and I do hope to get a chance to see them play live, someday soon. It appears that, as of the beginning of June, Hooded Fang completed a number of shows in Canada- home turf- they did one gig in Montréal, after which they went a little bit to the west, over to Ontario, where they did five shows there, including a hometown show in Toronto. Toward the end of next month (July), they’ll be on the East Coast of Canada, doing some shows in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. That’s all I know about their touring schedule, for now.

If I’ve piqued your interest, even a little bit, check out their page on the Daps Records website: – from there, one can also see what else is available and new on the label. -KM.


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