Psychedelic Dance Party

Here’s a link in which you can lose yourself.  The new one from Lee Negin.  Have a look below.  Also, check out this playlist for a wider selection of material and visually stunning material from Lee; -KM.

In Vritra Fertilization

Vritra Yellowing NRK, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie New, from Atlanta native, Vritra (ne Hal Williams), currently living it up in Los Angeles is Yellowing, some mellow hip-hop. Vritra’s is a busy story, one which goes all the way back to when he was only 10. When in high school, Williams began NRK (short for […]

Run for Your Life

Ghosts on the Road Ghosts on the Road Self-Released, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie Let me introduce you to Justin Portz. He is the driving force behind Ghosts on the Road. This eponymously titled debut has just come out. On the album, it’s pretty much all Justin, playing the instruments, but, for live shows, he’ll […]


Rafi Bookstaber Late Summer Woodsist Records, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie Here we have a new album from Rafi Bookstaber. Late Summer is a wonderful album. It just flows out like water. Late Summer starts out with the mellow, wah-wah-infused psychedelia, “We Can Find a Way”, which seamlessly goes into “You Get High”. The whole […]

All You Can Eat!!

Free Pizza Berlin, DE BUFU Records, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie OK, I admit it. The name “Free Pizza” is not something that really stands out and, by their name, do anything more than live up to the campy-sounding name as they branded themselves. OK, but – if you suspend your sarcasm or your wit […]