One by One, Over the Fence

Hi everyone.  I was made hip to this new song/video by Jen Gloeckner.  “Counting Sheep” is the name of the song.  It starts off with this angelic, mellow harp, playing a nice introduction.  Anyway, I hope you like it.  Feedback/Comments always welcome!! –KM.

Live in THEE City

Thee Oh Sees Live in San Francisco Castle Face Records, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie In another of the, so far, spectacular “Live in San Francisco” series of live gigs captured on these CDs which have been coming out over the last, uh…oh, three, maybe four years…(?)  I remember writing a review for the Live in […]

Karate Chop

Adult Karate LXII Plug Research Music, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie One of the latest indie albums to hit the street is LXII, an EP representing the latest release from Adult Karate. So: make tracks to your nearest independent, “neighborhood” record shop and look for it – if not there, ask for it! Walk up […]

Trying to Stay Tethered to Earth

of Montreal Innocence Reaches Polyvinyl Records, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie It’s been about 11 years now, since I reviewed Satanic Panic in the Attic. Since that time, of Montreal have been blossoming and they continue to amaze. Their new album, Innocence Reaches is due to be released August 12th. Luckily I was able to […]


Owen King of Whys Polyvinyl Records, 2016 Review by Kent Manthie   In contrast to the music that other Kinsella-based bands (Tim and Mike), like Joan of Arc, Owls, Friend/Enemy,etc, Mike Kinsella, who’s been making solo albums under the name Owen since his eponymously titled debut in 2001, has been using this vehicle to express […]