Brand New, “Sneak Peek” Video

Hi everybody.  How was your summer vacation?  A question to ponder, this last week of September, as, by now, all K-12 type schools have started, but, after, typically, a later start date, colleges & universities get their fall gig going usually around the equinox – Sept. 21.-also the day where it turns into fall from summer, sneaking in at night, when no one’s watching.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that after this post-which isn’t a review, anyway, I’m going to start condensing reviews down to a less wordy, but quite concise and reviews which get straight to the point – with the occasional exception I feel like writing.

Thanks for your patience, everyone -and support too!!  Some  new reviews of more great indie stuff just around the corner – I mean that, too!

But – I want to give everyone who reads Independent Review a little sneak preview of a new song by Romeo Crow, who’s been quite busy in the recent past, but who is now getting ready to get back in the studio and lay down some new, bitchin’ tracks.  Can’t wait!!  Meanwhile, for the moment, I hope you will enjoy this video for the new tune by Romeo Crow, “For the Weekend”.  More to come soon!!  Enjoy this, though, for now.  Thanks, KM. (Video to follow in 5,4,3,2,1…blastoff!)


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