Not Too Little, and, I Hope, Not Too Late.

Sorry friends.  I wrote, in my review of Lee Negin’s latest album, Final Notes, that I would be posting a video forthwith – meaning it would be the next post would be a titillating video of one of Lee’s new songs from Final Notes.  Instead of doing that right away, as soon as I posted the review, I did that fatal error of putting it off.

But, since I really do want to show off, to the world, Lee’s great musical accomplishments and the groovy music that transcends all musical boundaries, i.e., genres, I am going to post, not one, but two videos here.  I hope this helps to make up for the gap and subsequent wait that ensued.

So, I am posting a video-version of “Jai Mango Lassi” first.  Here goes:

and for the second one, “Glitch in the Program” is here:

Note that these are not videos, per se, but You Tube-originated uploads of two songs from his new album, Final Notes which one can listen to by pressing the “play” button above & you have the pleasure of looking at the album artwork as you listen.

To check out more of Lee’s work visit You Tube, where there many more of Lee’s songs uploaded or you can visit

Hope you enjoy!!!  Think of this as an xmas gift from Independent Review. Ho Ho Ho…


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