Hi There! I’m Not Dead (yet)!

Hi everyone.

So sorry for the LOOOOONG absence of me from my review writing.  Various things have contributed but the worst & most recent is my computer broke on me!!!   If I told you how it got broken you’d think I was either careless or stupid.

So we won’t think about that part.  The good thing is I’m (sorta) back.

At least I wanted to let you all know that I am only “absent” and do plan on returning ASAP to start whipping out more and (I hope) better reviews. and other fun stuff.

Anyway, just to keep having some posts to put up, I found this video of Wire, back in their best years (77-79) when having made such classics as Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154.  This is from a live video of them performing at the Wartford Art School in 1976.

So, sit back and watch & listen and I hope you really dig this.  Myself, I’m a huge fan of Wire.  Not just those three seminal post-punk classics but even a couple albums when they regrouped and made A Bell is a Cup That is Strung or It’s Beginning To and Back Again (IBTABA).

So strap in and dig the music, kids!!

Come and check back in a few weeks or so to get some new reviews.  OK?  I promise, you won’t regret it!!!

Thanks, Kent

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