Crime Time


True Love of Crime

Feel Bad Records, 2019

Review by Kent Manthie

This debut solo album by former listenlisten frontman, known as Belaver, hailing from New York and which comes out Friday, April 29.

True Love of Crime is the name of this interesting album. It starts out with a mellow, melancholy acoustic number, “Prisoner”, which has a magnetic appeal to it that keeps the listener stuck to it. Two singles (so far) from True Love include “Partner” which features backing vocals from Nona of Dark Dark Dark and the newest one is “Swimmer” for which one can check out the video at .

The album has a nice relaxing touch to it. The aforementioned “Swimmer” has this mesmerizing electronic backing to it. Very ambient-pop. Beyond that, the rest of the album takes its time without being a drag or slow-burning. It’s one of those rare albums which, if it’s your kind of thing, you don’t want to hurry up and end.

With “Vampire” the album picks things up a bit with witty lyrics with a somewhat sardonic touch to them and a groovy sound to back it up. I wouldn’t be surprised to turn on a radio in the near future and hear “Vampire” playing.

“Grave Robber” is another object example of hip lyrics but the music on this tune changes the sound from an electro sound to, just like the opener, an acoustic-guitar based ditty with a shuffling rhythm but a bit in there is a little keyboard augmenting it.

One last example that I just had to mention is the closing tune, “Driver”, the longest of the songs on True Love of Crime at 6:40. This was placed in the right place as it is the perfect song to end this amazingly crafted album.

Yes, four months in to 2019 this is one of the best albums, if not the best album I’ve heard so far this year. A little bit indie coffee shop noodling plus chill-out electronica describes Belaver’s music; lush, stirring melodies and lyrics with a quick wit, a bite and with words that I wouldn’t doubt have a personal connection to them.

If you check out the video linked above and want to hear more, I suppose everyone knows that you could check out one or two tunes on Spotify but if you can get your hands on the album itself, do it! Go to your favorite online music store and order a copy. -KM.

Belaver Pic

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