Fresh Aussie


Do Yeah 7”

Antifade Records

Review by Kent Manthie                                                          Bananagun Do Yeah cover

The Australian combo known as Bananagun has recently made themselves visible to the indie scene from “down under” to “up above”, bringing with them, with this introductory “nice to meet ya, mate”, single, “Do Yeah” which is the first cut on this 3-song CD single. When I first listened to Do Yeah 7” “Do Yeah” really had me right from the get-go. That is rare in my listening to new music for reviewing. More often than not, it takes, maybe, two, maybe three listens; I don’t mean three plays, one after the other, rather, if the song doesn’t turn me on right away or I even have a negative impression of it, I may not start writing yet but rather return to it a few days later, often in a different mindset, a different mood and in the best of circumstances the same song(s) I wasn’t too keen on at first, suddenly catch on with me; I hear it in a whole different light.

The two other songs on Do Yeah 7” are “Top Cat” (#2) and “Crane in the Tiger’s Mouth” (#3). As for the latter tune, it made me think of Stereolab, incidentally, another band that connected with me ever since I heard “Jenny Ondioline”, which was on 1992’s Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements. That was my introduction to Stereolab, which quickly became one of my favorite bands (albeit a little bit late, as SL had already released a number of albums, both LPs & singles). Their music is sublime, a cosmic-lounge sound with beautiful singing by Laetitia Sadier as well as “2nd singer”, the late Mary Hansen.

Getting back to Bananagun: though one of the songs reminded me, in part, of Stereolab’s sound + vision, Bananagun’s storehouse of sounds, beats and style fits in well with a Beat coffeehouse/lounge: there’s a friendly atmospheric delight that undulates from every layer of the music; an out-of-sight sound; polyrhythmic bop jam.

I’m hoping to hear more from Bananagun in the near future. Seeing these guys playing in a small, intimate club setting would be, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy the aural excitement that is Bananagun. -KM.

Bananagun band photo

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