‘Sup, y’all?

Hi Everybody!! Hope you are enjoying this year, so far, which, for a minute there felt like a “new year”, the way it always is, you know. Anyway, I’ve been away from the blog too long lately but it’s not cuz I don’t want to write, on the contrary, I’d love nothing better than to […]

Roy Lichtenstein: In the Car/Oh…All Right

While Lichtenstein’s lovely 1964 painting, Nurse, was just auctioned at Christie’s this last week, going to a Chinese buyer for $120 million, putting it into the “over $100 million club”, along with such other greats as Picasso, Warhol, Munch, Modigliani and Francis Bacon, among others, I thought I’d give my readers a glimpse at a couple other […]

Gun-toting Granny (from Funny or Die website, (c) 2015) AND – Timothy Leary’s “Trip'” in (thanks to Dangerous Minds for the Pic & Write-Up)…[LINKS INCLUDED!]

The tale of acid sage Dr. Timothy Leary’s prison escape and subsequent exile is among the most amusing stories in the annals of drug culture lore—though sentenced to an absurd twenty years for utterly petty offenses including possession of a couple of roaches, Leary was able to game the prison system: as a reputable Harvard […]

The BEST Releases of 2014*

Hi there. This is the second annual “Best of…” year-end, wrap-up, wherein I pick what I felt were, indeed, the best releases of 2014 – at least the best that I’ve heard.  I’m sure I may have missed out on something, by someone: I didn’t get a chance to hear EVERYTHING that was released over […]


Infinite Means Infinite Why the Idea of “Multiverses” Makes NO Sense at all By Kent Manthie All this talk about “multiverses” makes no sense at all. There is only ONE universe. And this universe is INFINITE. I think that the reason these desperate pseudo-scientists want to think that there are “hidden” dimensions that hide other […]