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I thought I’d post this little treat up for fans of the sublime, rich aesthetically attuned Joan of Arc.  Here is the video for a song off their newest album, He’s Got the Whole This Land is Your Land in His Hands.  It’s entitled, “Never Wintersbone You”  Hope you dig it.

PS -it’s got something to do with Phil Collins and his big hit, “In the Air Tonight” from his debut solo LP, Face Value.  That album was made right at the time Collins was going through a particularly nasty divorce.  I have and you too have probably heard that rumor that went around, mostly in the 80s & into the 90s that describes the story of this song & how Phil had set the “perpetrator” (?) up by sending a ticket for the front row, center so he could see him and expose him for some grave misdeed from years past.  Now, I don’t know if that’s true or to what extent it has validity, but, well, who knows?  Anyway, Tim & Melina are taking it to that end, it seems, in this tune.  OK?  Well, just listen & watch for yourself! Enjoy! and See you Really Soon! –KM.


Hi There.  Kent here…FYI:  King Crimson, along with, you know, Velvet Underground, Bowie, Eno, as well as Joan of Arc (as well as all the other Kinsella-based bands).  Anyway, listen to this little msg & maybe it’ll inspire you to go further (you can find a lot of these DGM concerts on YouTube!)  Enjoy! – KM.

Hi everybody.  How was your summer vacation?  A question to ponder, this last week of September, as, by now, all K-12 type schools have started, but, after, typically, a later start date, colleges & universities get their fall gig going usually around the equinox – Sept. 21.-also the day where it turns into fall from summer, sneaking in at night, when no one’s watching.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that after this post-which isn’t a review, anyway, I’m going to start condensing reviews down to a less wordy, but quite concise and reviews which get straight to the point – with the occasional exception I feel like writing.

Thanks for your patience, everyone -and support too!!  Some  new reviews of more great indie stuff just around the corner – I mean that, too!

But – I want to give everyone who reads Independent Review a little sneak preview of a new song by Romeo Crow, who’s been quite busy in the recent past, but who is now getting ready to get back in the studio and lay down some new, bitchin’ tracks.  Can’t wait!!  Meanwhile, for the moment, I hope you will enjoy this video for the new tune by Romeo Crow, “For the Weekend”.  More to come soon!!  Enjoy this, though, for now.  Thanks, KM. (Video to follow in 5,4,3,2,1…blastoff!)

Hi everyone.  I was made hip to this new song/video by Jen Gloeckner.  “Counting Sheep” is the name of the song.  It starts off with this angelic, mellow harp, playing a nice introduction.  Anyway, I hope you like it.  Feedback/Comments always welcome!!


Here’s a link in which you can lose yourself.  The new one from Lee Negin.  Have a look below.  Also, check out this playlist for a wider selection of material and visually stunning material from Lee;


Here is yet another new video wonder from Lee Negin, whose new CD, Entheogenic Dharma Music is reviewed 2 entries back.

I like the music as well as the accompanying video for it.  Both are expressive and showcase a unique, cosmopolitan potpourri; a universal love letter to artistic expression, be it musical, visual, or whatnot.

Anyway, let me now introduce you to “Hungry Ghosts” and say “hope you enjoy it!”.  Let the video, the music within, be your gateway to a (temporary, at least) extra-dimensional space where you can escape all the chaos and mass insanity going around as if it were an epidemic of some contagion spreading fast.  Take this with you and let the audio/visual stimulation of it be your guide to a sort of inner space.  -KM.

Below, please check out two videos of two songs from Lee Negin’s new album, Entheogenic Dharma Music, out now (refer to my review of this album, the newest, most recently posted review, to read more about the album).  Both videos are intense with color and stunning graphic displays.
Anyway, here are two videos for your pleasure:  the 1st one is “Entheogenic Dharma Music (E.D.M.)” and the 2nd one is “Psychonautics 101 (Explore Inner Space)”.  Hope you enjoy them!  –KM.

For all you Kinsella-fans (Mike, Tim and cousin Nate), here’s Mike’s band, American Football, captured live, in a video from Webster Hall, in NYC of “Never Meant” from American Football’s eponymous 1999 album.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact date of this particular performance.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.  –KM.

As a way to give you an example of their new album, The Things We Do to Find People, here is the video of a new Beach Slang song, “Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas”.  Hope you enjoy it.  Also – for more information about it, scroll down a bit and read the review of The Things We Do to Find People.  KM.


Here is a treat for you die-hard Deerhoof fans, or anyone else who’d like to see some good live indie footage.  It’s Deerhoof playing “We Do Parties” live in Tokyo.

Also:  keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review of the live album from which this clip comes.  This is just to whet your appetite.  Enjoy!!  -KM.