A Beautiful, Mysterious Dream I Had

Lee Negin The Falling of the Long Shadows Passing Phase Music, Catalog # A2Z-2017 Released in 2017 Review by Kent Manthie The new album by Lee Negin is a super electronic fantasy. Starting with the opener, “The Lesser Gods”, The Falling of the Long Shadows takes you on an astral journey; a trip through a […]

Psychedelic Dance Party

Here’s a link in which you can lose yourself.  The new one from Lee Negin.  Have a look below.  Also, check out this playlist for a wider selection of material and visually stunning material from Lee; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHpbB7VBzptzr4SEzw4pnMaTrjyUtZKQT -KM.

Emaciated Ectoplasm

Here is yet another new video wonder from Lee Negin, whose new CD, Entheogenic Dharma Music is reviewed 2 entries back. I like the music as well as the accompanying video for it.  Both are expressive and showcase a unique, cosmopolitan potpourri; a universal love letter to artistic expression, be it musical, visual, or whatnot. Anyway, […]

Audio/Visual Aids…

Below, please check out two videos of two songs from Lee Negin’s new album, Entheogenic Dharma Music, out now (refer to my review of this album, the newest, most recently posted review, to read more about the album).  Both videos are intense with color and stunning graphic displays. Anyway, here are two videos for your pleasure: […]

Future Groove

Lee Negin Entheogenic Dharma Music Self-Released, 2016 Reviewed by Kent Manthie The latest album to come out from the cosmopolitan Lee Negin, the enticingly mouthful of a title, Entheogenic Dharma Music, is another in a rich, musical journey; a rich, psychonautical juggernaut, capable of emptying the tables and the bar-stools within a few minutes of […]