Xiu Xiu/(r) “Sharp Dressed Man”/”Gimme All Your Lovin’” Split Single Polyvinyl Records, 2017 Review by Kent Manthie                                                                     Interesting times, complicated, negative, apocalyptic […]

Back With a Vengeance!

Rainer Maria S/T Polyvinyl Records, 2017 Review by Kent Manthie After having taken a ten-year “hiatus”, Rainer Maria is rested, tested & ready for action. As I write this review (which, I know, is a little late, forgive me) I am listening to S/T so am able to easily refer to what it is about […]


I thought I’d post this little treat up for fans of the sublime, rich aesthetically attuned Joan of Arc.  Here is the video for a song off their newest album, He’s Got the Whole This Land is Your Land in His Hands.  It’s entitled, “Never Wintersbone You”  Hope you dig it. PS -it’s got something to […]

‘Sup, y’all?

Hi Everybody!! Hope you are enjoying this year, so far, which, for a minute there felt like a “new year”, the way it always is, you know. Anyway, I’ve been away from the blog too long lately but it’s not cuz I don’t want to write, on the contrary, I’d love nothing better than to […]