Deathly the Dog Spider Bites CD-Single Self-Released Review by Kent Manthie Deathly the Dog – This is your life! – A relatively new, up & coming band, out of Tennessee; Johnson City, TN, to be exact, DTD are a duo that shows an influence of old school hardcore as well as some anti-commercial indie rock […]

Keep Fighting That War!

The Rise and Fall of Shaun Fighting a Battle When You’ve Already Lost the War EP Self-Released, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie At the age of 14, Shaun Tutt picked up the guitar and got started on a musical journey that has, so far, lasted a lifetime. In the years since he got into the […]

Joan of Arc Video(!)

This is a video for the song “Tell-Tale Penis” which is on the 2008 CD, Boo! Human. – If you’re a hardcore cinephile, you will recognize that this video is JOA’s take on one of the best movies of the 1960s – if not of all time:  Jean-Luc Godard’s 1967  Weekend.  In the film, a young […]

Journey to the Center of America

Tim Kinsella Tim Kinsella Sings the Songs of Marvin Tate by LeRoy Bach Featuring Angel Olsen Joyful Noise Records Review by Kent Manthie Marvin Tate. What can I say about this guy? A lot, as it turns out. For one thing, he has a somewhat childlike aura about him – and I mean that in […]

Entering Somnabulistic City

Katya Sanna La Via Delle Stelle Self-Released Review by Kent Manthie When listening to the latest CD by Italian singer/songwriter Katya Sanna, I was totally unsure of what to expect. After the album started, though, I found myself presently entranced, like falling, falling, falling, carefree, down a dark, black hole someplace that, somehow, kept the […]

Angels’ Singing Carried By the Wind

Cate LeBon Mug Museum Self-Released Review by Kent Manthie This, the third release by Welsh neo-folike Cate LeBon, Mug Museum, is an ethereal album of folk-pop cuts. Some have likened LeBon to the late German chanteuse, Nico, made famous by her appearance on the debut Velvet Underground album, The Velvet Underground and Nico. After that […]