The White Zone is for Loading and Unloading Only…

Austrian video/multi-media artist Monika Ulbrich and Lee Negin have collaborated on a short (5:41) video (soundtrack music by Lee Negin). To get to it here is the link.  But, you’ll also find a lot more there than this one. There are 28 other videos there too, created by Lee Negin, although some of them were done with some help from other artists around the world.  Below is the Monika Ulbrich/Lee Negin collaboration, Death Zone.  You can also click the “Playlist” button on the top left of the video box to see more of Lee’s works.

Lee also has a relatively recent release that is currently circulating. He describes it as a “Technopera”.  The name of it is: The Cheeze Chronicles, Vol V.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming review of that particular album.

Enjoy!  -km

ps – Your comments and/or feedback are always welcome. Thanks, k.

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